Monday, March 18, 2019

Every Day A Little Different

So this year I'm trying some new things 

and changing some of my life long habits in order to be a better human.  I have found a lot of people I talk to in regards to this subject are also really interested in the same thing, but aren't always sure how to go about it, or what to try.  Since this is my first post on the blog I'll just introduce a basic methodology about how I plan to introduce ideas and then you can judge me later for basically throwing that standard in the garbage and doing whatever I want.  For now, we will pretend organizational structure so everyone feels secure - including me.  I'm going to try and post just once a week and talk about what I plan to try for the next seven days, why I'm trying it, and if I think it's a sustainable change.  I'm a pretty good person to judge whether something can actually be life applicable since first and foremost, I'm super lazy and hate doing things that are hard.  Also though, I'm pretty busy.  I work full-time, I go to school full-time, I have a 4 year old, also full-time.  Well, actually her dad has her most of the time since he's a stay-at-home parent, but if I'm home, I have her, because he needs to experience adults and freedom, things I get to experience at the other above stated outlets.  (Also I just really miss her all the time because she is straight the coolest 4 year old on Earth)  So, in every post besides this one, post numero uno, I will discuss the thing I tried the previous week followed by my general review, then I will discuss the new thing I'm trying for the next week.  That's probably all I really needed to say about this subject, but you know, I'm a wordy'll have get to used it, it's not one of my changes...

So, on to this week, 

and my first weird thing I'm going to try, which is the Wim Hof breathing method.  I'll link a couple videos and other stuff at the end of the blog for those of you interested in getting all scientific. I think the first thing we should address though is yes, Wim Hof, is super weird and it seems fake as all get out, but guess what....It's not.  This breathing method is supported by legit science and even those scientist are basically like WTF.  So to break it down in as few words as possible, this technique consists of you laying or sitting down and taking a bunch of deep breaths until you get all tingly and maybe think you are going to pass out, then holding your breath for as long as you can.  (This is a horrible synopsis of the technique, please read the actual step by step guide posted below) So now I'm sure you're very curious why I, or anyone else for that matter, would do this.  Well, using this technique has proven that not only can Wim access and voluntarily influence his Autonomic Nervous and Immune System, but literally anyone can do it, just by using this seemingly outrageous breathing method.  The second coolest part about this is we can learn it and utilize it basically on the first training.  Now, I know what you're thinking, what is the Autonomic Nervous System?  Basically, again, in the fewest words possible, its the part of the nervous system that controls your organs.  It controls things like blood pressure, heart beating, breathing, digestion, metabolism, production of saliva, going to the bathroom.  Just generally stuff that functions on its own without a lot of thought.  So, why access these systems with this breathing technique?  Well, first of all, accessing your immune system will help you not get sick.  Even if you are moderately sick right now, doing this technique while sick, will make you recover faster and possibly without pharmaceutical intervention. (FYI, I'm not a doctor, in case you need that reference)  Which, in my opinion is pretty cool.  However, that's not all!  It's also shown that using this method, lowers inflammatory responses all over your body by forcing the release of epinephrine. (think, Adrenaline)  Now you may not realize this, but we are all experiencing inflammatory responses to things daily, even if you are not arthritic or someone who works out, like, at all. (That's me)  Just eating certain things can cause inflammatory response and those responses have to be regulated by your autonomic nervous system and your brain, which takes away some of your inner resources, whether you realize it or not.  I can pretty much 100% guarantee this is happening to you at least to some degree.

So now that we have covered the basics, which their really is a lot more to this, but you can use the links if you're terribly interested in technicalities, lets talk about some of the proven benefits to using this technique.  Using the Wim Hoff Breathing Method you will experience:

  • Less Stress
  • Faster Recovery from Physical Exertion
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Sports Performance
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • More Focus and Mental Clarity
  • Better Circulation
  • Better Immune Response
And honestly, people speak to experiencing a lot of other benefits, but these are the ones that science can support.  They're doing a lot of research on this method right now, and see it as a great possibility for curing Auto-immune Disorders.  Which is pretty insane.  So, I'm sure, if you have managed to read this far, you are probably wondering how you can do this.

Well, here is what I do and is basically, all you need to do also.

  1. Start by sitting down somewhere comfortable, or laying down.  I prefer to lay down, there is some possibility you will push too far and pass out.  No need to get nervous about that, I have never passed out, neither has Roy (my husband) but some people also have weird responses, like uncontrollable laughter.  If either of these happen, just chill and relax, you're fine.  Neither of these things kill people.  Next time you go to do it, don't push as far.  Passing out is 100% not necessary.   Also, as a key piece of information, don't do this driving or anything even remotely similar, please use common sense.  If you aren't laying down or sitting in place where you can lose consciousness in relative safety, you're doing step 1 wrong.  
  2. Now that you're comfortable, start breathing.  You will want to take about 25 to 30 full breaths.  Fill up your stomach and lungs then breathe out.  Don't push the breath out though, just let it go in a natural way, not like an empty your lungs crazy sorta way.  (you should watch the linked video if you need an example, its at the bottom.) 
  3. After you get through the 25 to 30 breathes you will probably feel like you're hyperventilating, get all tingly, and feel sorta weird.  That's normal and you are.  We all feel that way.  Push out the last breath and then stop breathing.  Just hold your breath for literally as long as you can.  You should try to go past the point where you are just mentally freaking out about not breathing into the point where your body physically forces you to take a breath.  If you can't deal with that, just start by holding it as long as you can.
  4. Once you have held your breath as long as possible take in a deep breath and hold it, pushing the air toward your head for about 15 seconds.  This will probably make you get even more tingly.  I get super tingly from this and also my eyes get really blurry if I have them open.  
  5. Now that you have followed all these steps, start again.  Do this procedure three or four times to preference.


 I will be doing this all week, I started doing it Saturday and so far so good. I hope some of you give it a shot and maybe throw in some comments on the topic below.  Now we've pretty much reached the links part of the post, so if you think this is some crazy interesting stuff like me you can check out these places to get more information, probably better presented.  


Guided Breathing Exercise (This may not be to your speed taste, totally fine to just do it your own personal style.)

You can find tons of info also just Googling Wim Hof.  Enjoy!


  1. Hey Amber this was kind of long winded😁 but I like your writing and you are a smart cookie. Anyways I've never heard of this but I'm going to watch the video link you put up and give it a try.

    1. Haha! Yes I am quite long winded lol. I have been doing it every day since Saturday and I like it. I think the morning is the best time for me but I'm still experimenting with that aspect.


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