Friday, March 29, 2019

Stand Your Ground

I've used such a misleading title on this blog I almost feel guilty, but whatever.  

You're here now, might as well read it.  So last week, I practiced the Wim Hoff breathing technique, which I'm sure most anyone who read thought was slightly insane, but most anyone who actually tried was probably pleasantly surprised by.  I think its a sustainable change, I give it 4 stars on a 5 star scale.  It's easy enough, it takes me about 10 minutes, but also sometimes I'm just not into it, so I can't roll out the 5 star carpet or anything.  I feel way better throughout the day when I do it, so I think its worth doing and taking the 10 minutes out for.  You should definitely try it, and if this is the first blog you're reading and now you're wondering what I'm talking about, you should go here and then you'll know.
Anyway, this week I'm trying out another weird concept, Earthing.  As full disclosure, Roy does not support this, he says its for hippies, and he intends to troll this blog...but I think mostly he just hasn't read much about it and I haven't spent a lot of time working to articulate myself well in regards to it, so whenever I bring it up I sound totally idiotic.  (Not a selling point for him)  Anyway, I pulled up the study from NCBI (you can read it here) so that I could write a half way decent blog about it.  If you're interested in following some of the newest science, NCBI is also a really cool resource.  They publish studies and information without bias, and you can read about some of the newest science out there.  Also, you might just want to do that, since most likely, your doctor doesn't, and I mean, it's your body.

Alright, lets get into the meat of the issue now.  

What is Earthing?  In basic definition form, it' s connecting yourself with the electrons produced naturally by the planet earth.  These electrons spread over and enter the body acting as natural antioxidants and creating a protective barrier over cells and tissue, lowering inflammatory responses.  There are two methods people use to do this, the simplest, easiest, free way to do it is by going outside barefoot (or naked I guess if you're into that sorta thing) and having direct contact with ground.  Not cement, just in case you're wondering, actual earth. (Hence the name...) The other method is to use a conductive earthing system, which is basically just a mat that you plug in and produces the same result as being outside skin to earth.  A lot of people will just sleep on these mats, or throw them under their desk and put their feet on them.  It's been shown Earthing can help with inflammation, chronic inflammatory diseases, auto-immune diseases, immune response, and even anxiety.
While I personally will be working with the free method that doesn't require me to purchase a grounding mat, there have been studies on using the grounding mat while sleeping, and its a big favorite of a lot of bio-hackers, if you follow that crowd.  Sleeping on a Grounding or Earthing mat has been shown to promote better sleep, less stress, and less pain in the body.  This is because grounding while sleeping quantifiably effects the amount cortisol you secrete while you sleep.  Cortisol secretion leads to inflammatory responses in the body, causes weight gain and increases risk of chronic disease.  So lowering the amount your body puts out is a great way to promote health.  I would recommend giving the free version a try and then if you feel like it makes a difference for you, investing in the mat is a really easy way to make this practice sustainable.

So this week, lets all get outside.

Take your shoes off, stay awhile, hopefully the sun pops out a bit, it is a California spring for me and while I can't complain too much about having the first rainy one in a while, I think a little gardening is in order.  I'm going to include a few links to Earthing sites so you can pull up a little more info on it if you're interested and I'll let you all know my personal opinion on this matter next week sometime.  I'll also do my best to get another blog up about things people are more interested in, like sustainable living or something to that effect.  You know, just generally making good choices, which is basically way harder than it sounds...


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